Akuapem Poloo attacks Fella Makafui & Medikal after their wedding
Akuapem Poloo

Actress Akuapem Poloo says the latest celebrity couple, Fella Makafui and rapper Medikal planned their wedding out of the blue.

Venting her spleen in a video she shared on social media, moments after Fella Makafui faked passing out at her traditional wedding, Akuapem Poloo tagged their union ceremony a childish one.

According to her, Fella Makafui is forcing Medikal to tie the knot with her because she is carrying his baby.

She added that, watching videos from the ceremony, she could easily decode Medikal wasn’t into the whole idea of getting married.

The video vixen added that, the couple deviated from the customs of holding a traditional ceremony because their attires weren’t matching in any way.


Is it by force? Who put pressure on them to the extent that they didn’t even have marriage planners for the event.

In Africa, the lady’s ‘Kente’ cloth should appear in her bridegroom’s attire but here is the case the man is wearing a different colour – looking at his face he is not even happy.

Look at some toy things … we know you are pregnant that’s why you are forcing the marriage but you guys needed advice. Don’t force a man to marry you. Relax and the marriage will be beautiful.

I speak the truth… I say it the way it is and if you are smart you will work on it, she said in the two-minute video.

Watch below:

Akuapem Poloo exposes Fella Makafui, Medikal