Contestants of Adepam Season 2 have proven their readiness for the commercial market with star-worthy designs for a red carpet event.

The Week 7 edition saw them take up the task of styling celebrities in a manner that would make them the centre of attention in a room full of other of A-listed personalities.

This meant they had to think outside the box to make exaggerative pieces for the personalities, and the nine contestants delivered judiciously.

Their pieces flattered the stature of the female stars and highlighted their beauty with complimentary colours.

For the male models, the contestants chose signature styles outside the usual Kaftan look the judges and audiences were in awe of.

Models for the night were presenters Akumaa Mama Zimbi, Tima Kumkum, Roselyn Feli, Sister Sandy Bi Ye Guy, all of the Multimedia brands, as well as special stars; Beverly Afaglo and Piesie Esther.

For the male personalities, Nathaniel Attoh and Rev. Kwamena Idan killed the job.

The overall best design for the night went to none other than Ahmed who styled the football guru of Joy Sports, Nathaniel Attoh.

Check out their designs below: