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Actor recounts how he lost his two kids while away on a job that paid less than one Cedi


The Nigerian entertainment industry has greatly evolved from how it used to be, seeing as times have changed and things are relatively easier.

Nollywood actor, Prince Adewale Adeyemo, has recounted how he lost his twins in 1988 while he was away on a job where he earned N40 (0.60 Pesewas) per day.

The actor recounted the story in an exclusive interview with Yoruba Movie Gist.

Nollywood actor recounts how he lost his two kids while away on a job that paid N40
Prince Adewale Adeyemo Photos: Yoruba Movie Gist Source: UGC


He said:

I went to a movie location in Lagos state, there was a man called Apereijangbon, we were at his movie set, then there was no public bus plying Meran road, no mobile phone also to communicate with me.

I was working and earning only 40 naira per day, I was living at Berliet Ilasa and before I could get home, a lot had happened.

I got home around 6:pm and I found the house to be emptied, I learnt that my wife was at Ijora with my mum and my sister who is now late.

So, I was forced to go and check on them, on getting to Ijora I discovered my daughter Taiwo is dead.

The following day I had to go back to the location to complete the job, so on getting to the location I spent five days extra again and when I returned home, the second child Kehinde already bowed out.

At that juncture, my sister changed everything for me, fought with me bitterly because she doesn’t understand the kind of job I am into; she advised me angrily that I should look for another job rather than acting.

This was what influenced her to get me a watch night job which I refused to be part of. Then, I moved to Apapa Wharf in Lagos to learn clearing and forwarding.

With time, I abandoned the job again and returned to theater line fully before God opened doors for me.

I first visited Mecca and many other good things began in my life.

Many thanks to Almighty Allah for sparing my life up till now. I will like to use this medium to tell upcoming artistes to be patient and be focusing because someday things will turn out to be good for them.

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