Kwame A Plus
Kwame A Plus

Ghanaian politician and musician Kwame A Plus has expressed support for Sarkodie amidst the recent revelations made by actress Yvonne Nelson in her memoir.

Nelson disclosed that she had terminated a pregnancy for the music star back in 2010, causing a stir across social media and the entertainment industry.

The news quickly gained traction online, with fans and the media eagerly discussing the shocking revelation.

A Plus has now voiced his opinion on the matter, stating that Sarkodie made the right choice by accompanying Yvonne Nelson to a healthcare facility for the abortion.

His reasoning behind this support stems from Yvonne’s alleged resemblance to her mother.

A Plus explained that Yvonne Nelson’s mother had attempted to terminate her pregnancy and concealed the identity of her real father.

This history, according to A Plus, suggests that Yvonne has inherited certain traits from her mother.

He highlighted Yvonne’s public admiration of her mother, even celebrating her on Father’s Day, only to discover later that her father was not who she believed him to be.

After a DNA test, Yvonne allegedly learned that her biological father was Peter Adjetey, the former Speaker of Parliament.

However, even this revelation was clouded by doubts due to issues with the DNA testing process.

A Plus questioned the logic behind expecting Sarkodie, a young and promising artist at the time, to accept a pregnancy from someone who displayed characteristics similar to Yvonne’s mother.

Praising Sarkodie’s decision, A Plus stated that it was the best course of action. He argued that had Sarkodie accepted the pregnancy, it would have resulted in a situation where the narrative could potentially be altered in the future, with claims that Sarkodie was not the child’s biological father, but rather someone else like Inyanya or one of Yvonne’s numerous boyfriends.

Simultaneously, A Plus held Yvonne Nelson’s mother accountable for her daughter’s inability to confront the truth.

He accused her of casting an innocent man in a negative light, despite knowing who the real father was. A Plus concluded his remarks by criticizing this behavior as an example of the supposed wickedness of women.

In summary, Kwame A Plus has shown support for Sarkodie’s decision and questioned the expectation that he should have accepted Yvonne Nelson’s pregnancy given the alleged resemblance to her mother.

A Plus also criticized Yvonne’s mother for her role in the situation and expressed disapproval toward women in general.

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