Video streaming company, YouTube, has finally released Wendy Shay’s Pray for the World music video after it pulled it down for copyright infringement.

The music video got unpublished after YouTube reportedly said it had the same chord progression as South African Hitmaker, Master KG’s Jerusalema song.

Indeed, she disclosed that her lawyers were working on the matter and truly, she has won the dispute, she revealed in a Facebook live video.


She used the Instagram medium to thank her followers for being patient, adding that, media houses and bloggers who broke the news should equally update their followers.

SHAYGANG we won…yes we move ! SG ur Queen never stole any song oo …Pray for the world is back on YouTube and all digital platforms.

Please all the BLOGGERS who posted it when it was taken down kindly let the world know it is back on YouTube. Let’s push positive news too. Thank you 🙏🏾 Ghana Stand Up! She posted.

Watch the music video below: