Renowned actor, Joseph Osei known professionally as Wayoosi, is not smiling at trolls who have made it their business to mock him over his height.

Known for his diminutive stature, Wayoosi said he has for some time been harassed by persons he is not acquainted with, for being unusual.

The situation, he said has reached his brim which has caused him to reach the decision to assault any more offenders.

Despite admitting he is relatively disadvantaged, the actor said he will employ all his strength to slap anyone who makes the least effort to make him feel bad.

For persons in doubt of what he can do, Wayoosi revealed he used to be known as the ‘Kofrom bad boy’ due to his wicked nature.

According to him, he used to mingle with the big boys and drug addicts, who trained him on security tactics as well as offensive and defensive tackles.

“I am very short tempered so I don’t like being tempted. Anyone who mocks my height, all I can say is you will regret it. Don’t try it, you will regret it,” he said in an interview on Hammer Time monitored by Adomonline.com

Wayoosi has once been invited to the police station for attacking a television producer with pepper spray after a show.

Speaking on that incident, Wayoosi said his action was warranted after the TV producer made an expensive joke he did not appreciate.

The producer asking “is this one also a human?” did not auger well with him, as that was the second time he [the producer] had made such remarks.

He made reference to that incident to warn trolls of what await them when he meets them face-to-face.