Sarah Adwoa Safo

A Political Scientist, Dr Richard Amoako Baah, has observed that the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), is conducting itself in a way that is gradually leading them to the opposition.

He accused the leadership of the party of sowing seeds of division among the rank and file ahead of the internal elections.

Speaking on 3FM Monday, February 21, Dr Baah, who is also a member of the NPP, said, “The same tactic used that almost brought them into opposition, they are still trying to do the same thing. Look at the pronouncements that if you support the Vice President, you will go unopposed, why will anybody in leadership say such a thing.

“If you love the party, if you have the interest of the party at heart you will never allow such a thing to be said, let alone you saying yourself,” he said.


He further accused President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of treating Gender Minister Sarah Adwoa Safo unfairly when the minister had issues with the Coordinator of the National School Feeding Programme Gertrude Quashigah.

Adwoa Safo withdrew a letter she wrote announcing the sacking of Ms. Quashigah.

Gertrude was fired in an earlier statement issued by Adwoa Safo. She was directed to hand over to the chief director of the Gender Ministry.

“You will be paid one month’s salary in lieu of notice as stipulated in your contract agreement,” portions of the statement said.

But in another statement issued on Friday May 21, Adwoa Safo said “I write in respect of the above subject matter.

“This is to inform you of my decision to withdraw my earlier letter dated 18th May 2021. I wish to state that my earlier letter was as a result of administrative error.”

Regarding this particular matter, Dr Baah said “I am afraid if you ask me today, it is more likely that the party will be divided. By the time it is all over virtually, there will be no party because everybody will be wounded, that is the problem and they don’t see it. They think things are the same, it isn’t. Look at Adwoa Safo’s case, the woman wasn’t treated fairly, no doubt at all.

“If you are a minister and somebody does something for good or for worse, you are the substantive minister, you are the one who is supposed to deal with it and if the President wants [Ms Quashigah] be treated in a certain way, then you call the minister, talk to the minister, that this one should be done this way.

“You don’t do that, all of a sudden you give power to [Ms Quahsigah] to go and do whatever she is supposed to do against the wishes of the [Adwoa Safo]. How is that supposed to work? Will the minister be in that position for long? No.

“Now, she says she has gone overseas to take care of herself, and instead of finding someone to talk to her dad, talk to her brothers, the president talking to her, you are going to issue the process to remove her. Go ahead and see how you will destroy the party,” he added.