John Dumelo
John Dumelo

Aspiring Member of Parliament (MP) for Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency, John Dumelo, has taken an offence to a statement made by the incumbent MP, Lydia Alhassan, during a debate that took place at Santana Market, Tesano.

According to Mr Dumelo, he cannot fathom why Miss Alhassan would arrive late to the constituency debate and further insult his intelligence.

You came two hours late to a debate and used your 15 minutes allocation to say I don’t have sense? I’m impressed…, the actor-turned-politician captioned the post.

You came late and you say I don’t have sense? – John Dumelo asks Lydia Alhassan during debate

During the interview, the Ayawaso MP was queried if she truly asked Mr Dumelo to quit draining gutters that usually cause some parts of the constituency to flood whenever it rains.


Responding to the question, she said Mr Dumelo had to seek permission before he embarked on the project.

She said: Let me tell you the history… if you start something you have to ask. You don’t wake up one day just to do it. If you ‘think right’, you will think about it. You just don’t wake up and act, she said in Twi.

But Mr Dumelo didn’t take the response on a lighter note, hence took to Facebook to register his displeasure where he attached the video to cement his claim.

Some of the NDC supporters, who were present at the debate grounds, also hooted at her since they were not pleased with how she answered the question.

Watch the video below: