Founder and Leader of Living Faith Church, Bishop Oyedepo, has responded to naysayers who criticised him for sacking 40 pastors.

One of the pastors, who called out the church, said they were laid off after a performance review indicated that their church growth index fell below expectations.

They were also required to hand over their accommodation and other privileges they benefited while under employment.

In a recent church service, Bishop Oyedepo confirmed the reports and without remorse explained that the said pastors failed woefully in their spiritual tasks.

“Some fellows said they were not bringing in income and that’s why I asked them to go; we asked you to go because you’re unfruitful, blatant failures doing what there. We have no patience with failure here,” he said.

He termed the church as an organisation that is convenant bound and hence everyone is expected to contribute their quota diligently.

Bishop Oyedepo went on to say that the church has always played their part in paying salaries, on time, and all the said pastors needed to do was win souls, which they underperformed.

“We have money nonsense; we have never lacked it and yet we haven’t prayed for it. All you needed to do was win souls for God,” he said.

“Now when we employed 700 people, social media was dead; we have more employees here [Nigeria] than most of the States. We have a 1,000 builders and you don’t need so much mathematics to know how much is invested into them. No one is owed a dime salary and we do not borrow,” he said.

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