Some female photographers have revealed how they feel taking nude pictures of their fellow ladies and also shared some unpleasant experiences encountered in line of work. 

Irene Duno of Reming Photos at Kotobabi, speaking on the social discussion segment ‘Y’asem Nie‘ on Adom FM’s morning show ‘Dwaso Nsem‘ on Wednesday, narrated how bad she felt after taking naked photos of a young woman.

According to Ms Duno, a man based in the United States of America introduced the lady to her and requested that she takes naked photos of the woman.

The woman, who was completely naked, posed in different ways to allow her (Irene Duno) take shots of her nakedness from different angles.

“I took pictures of the lady lying totally naked on the floor, and as I took shots of her, she kept giving me different styles to take pictures of, in all I took 20 pictures of her,” she said.

 “After taking the pictures, I sent them to the man based in the United States who pleaded with me not to print them,” she added.

Irene said, though she was paid for the work done, she regrets her actions as her faith forbids her from encouraging such acts.

Another female photographer, Mina Frimpoma Quarshie of Christ Production at Ashomang Estate, also revealed that, she takes very sexually provocative photos of senior high female students in bikini and for the purposes of trust, prints them at home for the students instead of doing so at the lab.

She explained that her reason to keep quiet on such things is she doesn’t want to ask questions so as to come across as inquisitive to her clients. 

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Challenges of the profession

The two women, sharing their frustrations, said the challenges range from disappointments by clients all the way to monetary issues.

 “Sometimes we get booked by clients a week or two to a programme, and with few days to the programme the client calls to cancel the deal, and this really affects our work,” Irene said.

She further said female photographers sometimes risk their lives when they travel long distances to take photos at events, only to be refused payment at the end of the event.

Adding her voice to the challenges female photographers face, Mina Quarshie also said some clients intimidate and undermine their work simply because they are women. 

“Some of our clients always want to intimidate us, some also call you for programmes and all they ask you is if you can really do the job. And even after executing the job to perfection, they fail to pay you just because you are a woman, but in all that we still survive,” she noted.

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Does photography pay?

Despite the numerous challenges accompanying the profession, it is believed to be very lucrative.

According to them, they charge as high as GH¢ 2,000.00 depending on how clients want the pictures and the type of camera used in taking the pictures.

Spiritual connotations?

The two women also said that they sometimes encounter certain bizarre moments in delivering their work.

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Miss Duno, recounted an incident where she took photos of five pastors during an ordination service in Israel, but one of the five pastors was consistently missing in all the shots she took.

According to her, the camera refused to capture that particular pastor. She said she was very disturbed throughout the event and had to pray about it.

“After the event, I gathered courage and informed him about how I struggled but failed to get a shot of him. But the man only said ‘it’s okay’,” she said.

The two female photographers say they are bent on making it big in their profession by taking it to another level and won’t allow themselves to be intimated by men.