Adom FM’s Captain Smart has championed a charity course to save the life of one Ebenezer McCarthy, a man in urgent need of cardio surgery.

Mr McCarthy needs $40,000 for the surgery, else he dies. This is what has compelled him to call for support through the media.

The radio campaign luckily caught the attention of members of the 1998 class of University  of Ghana’s  School of Administration, who took it upon themselves to save him come what may.


So far, $2,500 has been raised by the group within two weeks.

In a matter of an hour, Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem’s Y’asem Nie team, through the donation of listeners, also raised $2,800.

Host Captain Smart assured the 46-year-old father of three that his surgery will surely take place in the shortest possible time after he personally donated $200 towards the course.

Mr McCarthy expressed gratitude to the team, noting that but for the massive support he had lost hope of living.