A 35-year-old man, Kwasi Abu, has allegedly impregnated his 15-year-old daughter at Wassa Abre-hyia in the Western region.

The girl, who has been staying with her father for the past 13 years since the collapse of her parent’s marriage, confessed and mentioned who is responsible for her pregnancy after her mother’s confrontation.

The father, Kwasi Abu, who admitted the act, has since been made to provide three sheep and other items to perform rituals to pacify the gods.

A sheep was placed on Mr Abu’s neck, where it was slaughtered after a third count.

Its blood was then poured into a big pan and the daughter was made to carry the pan as the father uses a leaf to sprinkle the blood unto the land.


The act was to purify the land and also ask the gods to protect the girl and her unborn baby as community members followed them while chanting songs to parade them through the town.

Nana Kwame Amoateng, the Unit Committee Chairman of Wassa Abrehyia, who, on Adom FM’s Midday News, narrated the incident said the move was to serve as a deterrent to others.

Asked why traditional authorities won’t drag the issue to the police, Mr Amoateng said they decided to perform the rituals because the suspect admitted to the act.

He added that they believe that was the command from the gods and they have no option than to obey the gods of the land.

“We performed the acts because in the community if a person commits such a sin, he is dealt with by the gods and that is exactly what we did.

“We did that to protect the woman and clear the land from any abomination. We have done justice on our part by obeying the gods and so if the Police want to take over, they are free to do so,” he said.

Watch video of the rituals above: