There was deafening silence in the studios of Nhyira FM, when DNA result cleared two men accused of impregnating a woman.

The complaint, name withheld, graced the Obra show to accuse her two boyfriends of evading responsibility of her pregnancy and care for their one-year-old son.

This led to a massive banter in the studios as the men, in a rebuttal, accused her of being promiscuous.

To bring an end to the whole brouhaha, the producers of the show, with permission, organized a DNA test and the result was nothing anyone was expecting.

The result read that the probability of the men being the father of the child is 0%, confirming claims she had other ‘side boyfriends’.

The complainant nearly ran mad in the studios after being exposed, and the only reaction she could give was uncontrollable sobbing.

She confessed to sleeping with three men at the same time, even during her pregnancy. After birth, she proceeded to visit the men equally and made them believe they were responsible for the pregnancy.

However, after they failed to play their roles including financial investment in the baby’s upkeep, she reported the matter to the Obra unit.


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