The ultimate goal for most women in long-term relationship is marriage, but for songstress Mzbel, that ideology is nothing but a joke.

The legendary artiste, who is not married at age 42, stated in an interview she has no plans of changing her status to ‘Mrs’.

The reason, which has come to many as a shock, is that she is a goddess who can never submit to a man.

Per her ideology, women came first so a man should rather be submissive to her, other than that, she is not ready to settle down.

“I have never thought about marriage. I’m a goddess why should I marry? I’m the god, I make everything happen why would I want to be under somebody and make it official to the whole world that this is the person I’m sleeping with and now I have to be submissive. That whole concept is a joke, no offense to anybody that believes in marriage,” she said in her interview with Sammykaymedia.

She added that the extra responsibility of taking care of a man plus their children is something that irks her.

“When you are married you have to explain yourself every time. Someone calls you and when the call ends you have to answer questions. I have been a slave for my parents, why will I still be a slave for my husband? When do I have to be free, freedom is everything”.

Ironically, Mzbel revealed she is in a healthy relationship, adding that it is a beautiful thing to have somebody to keep her company.

Though not having plans of marriage, she indicated she has had multiple suitors that she has had to turn down.