Empress Gifty
Empress Gifty

Multiple award-winning Ghanaian gospel songstress, Empress Gifty, has explained that cheating is a part of marriage and that one must prepare for it.

While speaking in an interview on Accra FM, the ‘Jesus Over Do’ singer said cheating was an age-old thing and was very present in marriage.

Explaining her point, Empress Gifty said cheating is part of marriage and spouses have to psych themselves up for it so as to avoid shock and disappointment.

The gospel singer said spouses are bound to make mistakes and cheating is one of the common mistakes.


She added that married people have to brace themselves up for such occurrences so that when it happens, they can easily forgive and move on.

Empress Gifty said if one goes into marriage with the mind that his or her partner would not cheat, the issues that may come after the worse happens may be too devastating to handle.

She opined that if people had this kind of mentality at the back of their heads, many marriages would not end up in divorce and people would cultivate the habit of forgiving faults.