Gasmilla shows off his Range Rover prior to him selling it

Singer Odartei Milla Lamptey, popularly known as Gasmilla, says he had no alternative than to sell his Range Rover because it was a liability.

According to the ‘Telemo’ hitmaker, he couldn’t keep up with the car’s maintenance hence had to put it up for sale.

In a recent interview, Gasmilla revealed he noted the difference between a liability and an asset after he realised the amount of money he was spending on the car.

Nothing happened. Do you know the difference between an asset and a liability? If you have a Range and no money coming through, it will f**k you up. You can follow fashion but know a vehicle that doesn’t put money in your pocket is a liability.

Gasmilla's Range Rover before he put it up for sale
Gasmilla’s Range Rover before he put it up for sale


Gasmilla also said he doesn’t like to drive, adding that, it is another reason he opted for Uber’s ride-hailing service.

Car itself… my stepdad used to say it’s a necessity but I think the ability to move is rather a necessity, not a particular car model. I like to be driven.

But, if I can’t have that and I can have a mini and it’s an Uber, that’s cool. We worry ourselves sometimes. We have to live our lives. The people praise you for only one day after getting a new car the rest is up to you, he said.