A look of confusion was written all over musician KiDi’s face when he arrived for an interview only to meet a lookalike in his seat.

KiDi who was billed to grace the studios of Adom TV for the ever-entertaining Ahosepe Xtra show stood in awe as he scrutinized the ‘impersonator’.

Also clad in a hanging t-shirt, baggy jeans, a bucket hat, side bag, and shades, it was a challenge for host Sister Sandy to identify her real guest.

In a bid to bring an end to the confusion, the Gyal Dem Sugar composer suggested a tattoo check only to be beaten to his game: his ‘twin’ had similar ones too!


After several minutes of the comic display, the fake KiDi confessed he was just a doppelgänger and a big fan of the award-winning artiste.

KiDi, who was beside himself with joy for the love shown to him, gave a warm reception to his fan as they had a hearty conversation.

Watch video below: