Comedienne Heiress Jacinta

Standup comedienne, Heiress Jacinta, who has fallen in love with Ghana, is hurt she was not taught any local dialect while growing up.

Coming from a Ghanaian-Nigerian ancestry, she has faulted her Ghanaian father for not doing his duty of instilling in her the basic local culture, especially teaching her Twi language.

Speaking on Ahosepe Xtra with Sister Sandy, she disclosed her father never spoke the Twi language while at home.

However, that has not deterred her as she is currently making efforts to learn the language and connects to the people in the motherland.

She is the product of an inter-country romance that began while her father was away in Nigeria for work.

She added her father’s motive in Nigeria was obstructed by a ‘nice yellow pawpaw’, who later became his wife.

She was born in Nigeria to Alex Dzabaku Ocansey and Eucharia Ocansey. She is an only daughter.