Drinking alcohol before or after the coronavirus vaccine could be harmful to the body. This is according to Public Health practitioner, Cindy Ofori Appiah.

Speaking on a special programme organised by Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem Wednesday, dubbed ‘One Month of Covid-19 Vaccination Assessment, Experience and Way Forward’, Madam Ofori said research has shown the vaccines take time to build the body’s immune responses.

Therefore, having alcohol could risk a reduction in immune response.

coronavirus vaccine education
coronavirus vaccine education

She warned that people may experience reaction after receiving the vaccine.

Side effects, Madam Ofori, said include fever and chills, adding that these symptoms can be more intense if one has been drinking before the vaccine.


“Taking in alcohol can increase the severity of the side effect an individual may get from taking the COVID-19 vaccine and so we always advise Ghanaians not to take in alcohol two days before and after the Covid-19 vaccine because it can hinder the effectiveness of the vaccine

“Alcohol takes 24 hours before it goes out of the body when it’s taken, it blocks the vaccine from reaching other organs of the body,” she said.

She further revealed that the struggle between nurses and people while receiving the vaccine may reduce the strength of the vaccine.

She urged vaccinators to educate people at the vaccination centres before being given the covid-19 jabs.