Host of Adom TV’s popular sports show Fire for Fire, Countryman Songo, has introduced to his fans his adorable family.

Born Patrick Osei Agyemang, Songo is blessed with a beautiful wife, Mrs Agyemang, two daughters, Vanessa and Gabriella, and a son, Jeffrey.

The Christian family, marking this year’s Palm Sunday, ‘stormed’ a church in New York clad in their white outfits.

The Agyemangs were photographed posing at the altar, after which they had fun times at an eatery.

In one of the photos, Countryman Songo is seen planting a kiss on his wife’s cheeks as she smiles at the gesture.


The resemblance of the two daughters to their mother is striking, while the only son is a carbon copy of Songo, from height to their dreadlocks.

From the photos, one can say that there is an enviable bond that exists among the family-of-five.

Photos below:

Countryman Songo’s wife and two daughters
Countryman Songo’s wife and son
Countryman Songo and wife
Countryman Songo’s two daughters, Vanessa and Gabriella
Countryman Songo and family
Countryman Songo, wife and son, Jeffrey
Countryman Songo and daughter Vanessa
Countryman Songo’s nuclear family