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We’re for peace, but we’ll resist any attempts to rig 2024 election – Mahama


In a recent address at the funeral of the late John Tia Akologo, former Minister of Information, in Duusi, Talensi District of the Upper East Region, John Dramani Mahama, the 2024 flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring peaceful elections in December.

Mr Mahama emphasised that the NDC has historically emerged victorious in elections conducted under peaceful conditions.

He underscored the party’s dedication to peace but also warned against any attempts to manipulate or rig the elections.

The NDC flagbearer urged the clergy to go beyond preaching about peace and advocate for justice, which he believes is essential for maintaining a peaceful electoral process.

The former President stressed the importance of fairness and transparency in the electoral system.

Mr Mahama made it clear that any violence that may occur during the electoral process would not originate from the NDC.

He reiterated the party’s commitment to peaceful and democratic means of contesting elections, urging supporters to remain vigilant and uphold the principles of democracy.

As the December elections draw closer, he pledged to prioritise peace and justice in the electoral process reflecting the NDC’s commitment to fostering a democratic and stable political environment in Ghana.

“We expect that the elections will be peaceful because we know we’re going to win. If there’s going to be violence, it will not come from us, the NDC. But I will crave our Reverend Fathers when you preach about peace, also preach about justice because when there’s no justice, there is no peace.

“We are for peace, but we will resist any attempts to rig this election. I assure Reverend Father that we will play our part to have a free, fair and transparent election. And we believe that God will rescue our country from the crisis we find ourselves in,” he stated.



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