Sam Pyne, KMA boss
Sam Pyne, KMA boss

City Mayor for Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Samuel Pyne, has announced that the enforcement of the law is one of the key things the Assembly would be focusing on in the year 2022.

According to him, they are recruiting more people and will train them to help in the enforcement of the law in the assembly and to help keep the city clean.

“One of our key aims for the year 2022 is enforcement. Personally, Bannockburnall I want is community service and I don’t want to see people fined or are sent to the custodian centre and put to jail,” he stated.

“If you are arrested, we will punish you by letting you do community service, that is, sweeping a particular place that will be allocated to you in order to deter others from doing same,” he added.

 Mr Pyne said: “We are recruiting one hundred people to be trained by soldiers. We will give them uniforms as well for them to cater for the cleaning of the city, help in protecting the people and ensure that our city is well kept.”


Speaking on ‘AkanNews@6am’ on Nhyira FM, he mentioned that leaders for the various market groups have been addressed concerning their relocation to the new place given them with another group yet to be addressed.

“We have spoken to some of the leaders for the market groups and are yet to meet another group to speak with them. We want them to understand the need to go before we execute the measures we have put in place. So, we are relocating them to that place until we complete the phase two of the central market project,” he stressed.

He revealed that they have mounted about three thousand (3,000) street lights in the city of Kumasi as it is another thing they want to ensure in the city.

“Another thing is to ensure the city is lighted up. You all will attest to it that we have lighted the streets with about 3,000 street lights. RCC and the leaders too have added about 1,000 of the street lights. Work was started from the Santasi roundabout through to the Anyinam road of which it is still in progress,” he said.