As part of the campaign to educate the youth against alcohol abuse, some presenters of Ghana’s number 1 radio station, Adom FM have shared their hallowing experiences of how they nearly went bonkers.

Their motivation is to prevent the youth from engaging in such social vices which will ruin their future.

Jerry Justice Mensah, host of Adom FM’s drive time show, Ofie Kwanso, has vowed never to drink any concoction at any event.

Sharing his story on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem programme Friday, he said, years ago, he was invited to a party by late musician Castro at Monte Carlo, a popular bar in Tema.

After a few minutes of networking, he was offered an alcoholic fruit cocktail and a naïve Jerry thought it was non-alcoholic.

“I drunk one glass and it was very nice so I ordered for another. Castro got alarmed and asked me whether I was serious about drinking another and I said yes. After the second drink, I started feeling nauseous,” he stated.

“Castro kept asking whether I was okay because he noticed I was behaving strangely. I managed to rush to the washroom and called my then producer, Ben Duker to drive me home,” he said.

On his way home with his producer, an intoxicated and drowsy Jerry Justice said he pestered Ben Duker to allow him to drive.

“Ben Duker told me my eyes were closed but I forced him to give me the car and he obliged and thank God I got home safely,” he recounted.

Jerry said he felt like a ‘normal’ human being after four days of severe headache and body pains.

“I was not myself and my colleagues in the office noticed it. From that day, I resolved never to drink any cocktail at any event,” he added.

Host of Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem

Also, Dwaso Nsem show host, Kwesi Asempa got his fair share of the dangers of drinking shocker, a dangerous locally prepared cocktail.

“Immediately I got home I rushed into the bathroom for a cold shower but I felt the water was very hot. My wife was shocked when I was insisting the very cold water was hot. I knew my problem but could not tell her,” he stated.

The shocker experience, Kwesi Asempa stressed is not very pleasant for anyone to go through.

A nice get-together of old friends Monday morning turned into a nightmare for Dwaso Nsem producer, Kofi Assan. A smoothie he drunk turned out to be fruits mixed with shocker.

“I woke up around 10: pm in a friend’s house; I was agitated, drowsy and thought I was going to die,” he said.

Kofi Assan said his only fear while going through that episode was death and leaving his wife and child behind.

“I was saying God I’m I going mad? I’m I going to die and leave my wife and child?” He quizzed.

Another very interesting shocker victim is DJ Awana. A nice night out nearly landed him at the psychiatric hospital.

DJ Awana said he had to sleep in a hotel room because he felt the ceiling fan in his room will fall on him.

Listen to the full story in the attached audio: