From Left: Lil Win, Kwame Ahenfie and Funny Face
From Left: Lil Win, Kwame Ahenfie and Funny Face

Comedian cum actor Funny Face has released an audio recording of a phone call between him and one of Lil Win’s team members, Kwame Ahenfie.

In the said recording, Kwame Ahenfie was heard telling Funny Face that he and Lil Win didn’t mean to tarnish his brand in a video that was recorded earlier where Lil Win jabbed the ‘Cow and Chicken’ actor.

The duo, Funny Face and Lil Win, have been engaged in a scuffle after the latter lambasted the former for winning best actor at the 2019 Ghana Movie Awards, adding that, he didn’t deserve the honour.

It didn’t end there, Funny Face was again spited by Lil Win when he presented GH¢ 1,000.00 to one of his fans after footballer Emmanuel Adebayor gave him a white Porsche car.


According to Lil Win, Funny Face only wanted to show off, hence decided to give out the sum publicly but in no time, Lil Win was also seen doing the same gesture as Funny Face did.

Reacting to this, Funny Face said Lil Win is destroying his brand – pledging that he would never let the comic actor cum musician get to him.

In an Instagram post, he has posted the audio conversation between him and Mr Ahenfie, where Mr Ahenfie was heard pleading with Funny Face.

He told Funny Face that Lil Win, born as Kwadwo Nkansah, has been advised to stop fueling matters but all to no avail.

The audio has this caption attached to it (below):

EI GO OVER YOU “KWADWO NKANSAH … when I said .. my name is KASOA VANDAMME and Ei go over you, u tot I was joking … you see it has overed you, your boy Kwame Ahenfie who has been begging me to put him in Kasoa Trotro Tv series dat u made to insult me .. has just been recorded .. Ghanaians 🇬🇭 will see who u are !! FAKE fool who can sell his friend for more Fame !! U’ve been caught .. never Mess with Anyone dats da Apple of GOD’s eye .. u see how ur Envy has exposed u .. if u do .. I will drop da chat between me and Sandra … Sandra pls stop being a friend to dis Evil guy .. HE will kill you !! KASOA VANDAMME “ it has overed him “ 😀👍 am smarter dan u both physically and Spiritually .. NEXT TIME ..ANKOOOSOWA !! [SIC]

Listen to the conversation below: