A mother, dating her 19-year-old son, identified as Carlos, has spoken about her situation and the backlashes she has been facing after falling in love with him.

The mother, who stated she and her son are inseparable, said she was the first to develop serious feelings for her son.

However, after her confession, her son also voiced out he felt the same way but was scared to make it open.

According to her, her son is the best thing that ever happened to her, and she really wants to be with him for the rest of her life.

The lovers decided to keep their dating a secret until a ‘jealous girl’ found out and made an entire fuss in the community.

Their families, who were not in support of the incest, have finally decided to give the lovers their privacy by virtue of human rights.

The community, unlike their family heavily criticised, humiliated, and beat up the mother and son till they were hospitalised.

But, the stiff-necked couple say they are prepared for the worst because nothing will ever separate them.

Watch her explanation below: