Voter registration: Kasoa EC office turn ghost center after stabbing of Hawa Koomson's son

The Awutu Senya East Electoral Commission (EC) office in Kasoa, once a bustling hub with hundreds of daily applicants for voter registration and transfers, has become eerily deserted.

Currently, fewer than ten people are at the EC office transferring their votes, and there is no queue in sight.

The dramatic decline in activity follows the stabbing of the son of the Member of Parliament for the area, Hawa Koomson which occurred last Sunday amid disputes over seating arrangements at the center.

The altercation, which escalated into violence, left the registration center in chaos and led to the stabbing incident.

Ato Koomson was allegedly stabbed by a member of the opposition, identified as Asmah.

The incident resulted in a bloody confrontation, prompting the arrest of Asmah and an NDC Constituency executive for their alleged involvement. Investigations are still ongoing as authorities work to ensure justice prevails.

Meanwhile, Ato Koomson is recuperating at the 37 Military Hospital.

The once-bustling registration center remains largely empty as the community grapples with the aftermath of the violent incident.