A strange video has surfaced on social media which is gathering huge reactions among angry netizens.

The video, sighted on the timeline of the Instagram account called ghananaijavibes, had an unidentified food seller busily stirring a soup on fire with a bunch of broomsticks.

Many who saw the post could not believe their eyes.


avanidodoo commented: “We are really eating things May God protect us.”

Male_comfortgh wrote: This is ignorance. That is how that soup is prepared in every northern home.

itz_addae replied: I don’t know anything about how this is prepped but I think she’s followed safety protocol from what they video shows. She cleaned it and did not keep it in a bad environment either. Who even said the place is unkept? Defining unkept according to the standard of Ghana or world health organization. Then how do you define a zoo? If you don’t have a way to ask people on how they improvise certain things to work, pls do not collapse their business. Why did I comment sef? Something’s just d make i vex. In fact Amalia how much is the TZ? I’m hungry so hurry den stir am j33.

From asamoah.michael: It is not a new thing , It is a special broom for cooking the soup not for sweeping. l saw it in Nigeria so no cause for panic the soup is 100% safe.

Check out the video below: