Ghanaian musician and entrepreneur, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, famed Mzbel, has sparked controversy on social media with her latest video.

The 16 years hitmaker has been spotted chanting for a sugar daddy to pay her bills.

Mzbel was clad in white cloth and turban with white and black seashells necklace around her neck and sat on the floor, holding a flywhisk.

She had a white powder applied on her face like someone who visits traditional shrines for spiritual powers to control men to do whatever she says.

In the video, she was heard saying: I need a sugar daddy to pay my bills.

Posting the video on her Instagram page, she wrote: When the system is not working 😂 don’t vex me wai, I need to pay my bills 😂.


Reacting to this, some of her fans, begged her not to take all the sugar daddies.

Others, including celebrities who could not control themselves, reacted with laughter emojis.

Watch the video below: