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Video of Chef Faila singing Stonebwoy’s song word for word gets fans talking


Chef Faila, who recently completed an impressive 227-hour cook-a-thon, is showcasing her versatility and talent in a viral video on social media.

Shared by one of her fans, the video captures Chef Faila passionately performing Stonebwoy’s popular song ‘Into The Future’ with great enthusiasm and flair.

This video reveals a different side of Chef Faila, known for her calm and reserved demeanor among many Ghanaians.

In the video, she sings the tune with vibrant energy, incorporating hand gestures and movements reminiscent of Stonebwoy, the acclaimed Afropop, dancehall, and reggae artist.

The video has garnered widespread positive reactions from both fans and celebrities, who commend Chef Faila for her infectious energy and charismatic performance.

Currently awaiting the verdict from the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time, Chef Faila attempted to set the record from January 1 to January 10, 2024.

@nessa_1338 Chef Failatu is a whole vibe ???????@STONEBWOY ♬ original sound – @Nessa_1

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