Former First Lady of Ghana, Mrs Lordina Mahama, in a video which has caused a stir on social media, was approached by a group of excited men outside a building.

The elegant Mrs Mahama was dressed in a stunning light green attire as she made her way to her vehicle.

The group of men, who were filled with joy at the sight of the former First Lady, cheered her on and even called her the next First Lady.

As Lordina made her way to her car, one of the men, who was overly excited, engaged her in a conversation and even laid on the ground at her feet in a show of affection.

The entire scene was captured on camera and shared widely on social media. While some people commended the man’s enthusiasm and admiration for the former First Lady, others criticised his behaviour as they felt he was doing too much for her attention.

Despite the mixed reactions, Lady Mahama remained graceful and composed throughout the encounter, acknowledging the cheers and gestures of the excited men before she entered her vehicle.