Assistant Registrar for the Public Affairs Directorate (ARPAD) of the University of Ghana, Pascaline Songsore, has indicated that the security of the students is paramount to the University.

However, aggrieved students can seek redress on issues through appropriate institutions established by the institution.

Speaking on GTV’S Breakfast Show via Zoom in rebuttal to some allegations raised by some alumina of the school on the recent happenings at the University of Ghana, she explained that the University is governed by statutes, and they will not take any decision without going through the obligatory process.

Commenting on the recent actions by the students, she said the actions of the two Traditional Halls (Commonwealth and Mensah Sarbah Hall) of the University of Ghana in recent times have brought nothing, but chaos to the University and cost so far as the time and resources are concerned.

She explained that management has not refused anyone who follows the residency process correctly.

”The University only gives admission, and students are later allowed to go online to look for residency, even with that residential board is doing everything best to assist students in their endeavours,” she noted.

Going further, she stated that the University has the right to amend its constitution. And New Policies passed are to facilitate teaching and learning which is part if not the most important aspect of the University’s curriculum.

Therefore, aggrieved students must follow procedures for redress.