A tragic accident at Wenchi has claimed the life of a man believed to be in his late fifties.

The devastating incident occurred around 2 pm on Thursday, leaving the victim in a horrifying state.

Eyewitnesses recount that the yet-to-be-identified man was riding his motorbike when he became entangled between a pickup and a heavy-duty truck.

The collision between the pickup and the truck resulted in the man being thrown off his motorbike and landing on the road.

The victim landed underneath the heavy-duty truck which ran him over, killing him on the spot.

The scene of the accident was gruesome, attracting passersby who were left in shock and horror at the tragic sight.

The district police swiftly responded to the scene and the lifeless body of the victim was carefully retrieved from beneath the heavy-duty truck.

The body has since been taken to the Wenchi Methodist morgue, awaiting identification.