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Treat ‘Western Togolanders’ like foreign invaders – Lawyer tells Govt [Audio]


A senior lecturer at the Law Faculty of the University of Ghana, Kwame Gyan, has described as disgusting activities of secessionist group, the Homeland Study Group Foundation.

The group, demanding for the independence of Western Togoland, Friday morning blocked roads and entry points to the Volta Region.

Some members of the group have, in the past, been arrested and even taken to court and warned to desist from their activities, but nothing good has come out of it.

But, speaking in an interview on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem morning show on Friday, lawyer Gyan said the group has been pampered for far too long and wondered why the government had not taken strict actions against them.


He said even after the group exhibited its plans to take over the Volta Region some months ago, the government did nothing punitive about it, a situation, he said, has helped escalate the issue to the current point.

“We only took these people as a nuisance and left them, now see the damage they have caused. These so-called Western Togolanders have been pampered for too long and it is time our security agencies take serious actions against them.

“Now it has escalated. Government should stop the politics and deal with them like we are in a battlefield. Government should treat them like foreigners to serve as deterrent to others who may be planning same. Their action is tantamount to treason and so the government and the security agencies must act fast,” he charged.

Click on attached audio and listen to the lawyer:

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