The outbreak of global pandemic, Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill but the Tiktok app became a place of solace for millions of people.

Young Ghanaian Tiktokers, Demand, and Supply, born Justice Bempong and Clement Kumi respectively with a mobile phone and their humorous nature took the internet by storm.

After one discovered the app, the two decided to download it to watch videos with no intent of making videos.

“He discovered Tiktok and informed me that the new app was fun. We both only downloaded to watch videos. But one day he dreamt that we had become big stars through social media. That was when we decided to post videos individually on our pages to see who gets more views.

“I went to his place one day and after we made a video, it had gone viral the next day and people were asking us to do more.”

According to them, patrons loved their feminine props so they had to stick to that.

“It’s not our fault. After our video went viral, we wanted to switch to masculine but our followers said no. And we decided to stick to that.”

“It comes naturally. We don’t plan before shooting our videos. We just dress up, set up, and then the idea pops up. We don’t rehearse.”

The two have been friends since 2017 as they were both business students at the Ofoase Ayirebi Secondary School.

They entreated the youth to make good use of social media.

Kumi is currently a student at the Methodist College of Education and Bempong studies at the University of Education.


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