Hajia Bintu
Hajia Bintu

Instagram model, TikTok star and brand influencer, Hajia Bintu, who is known in real life as Naomi Asiamah, stole the spotlight at a colleague’s birthday party.

Hajia Bintu’s friend with the Instagram handle Maamee Ama marked her birthday on April 1 and she celebrated her special day with some friends at her birthday bash.

In a short clip, the popular video vixen effortlessly stole the moment with her hourglass figure.


The Instagram model, who was captured unaware, appeared in the stunning video adorned in a bare-chested black straight dress with glitters as she flexes her pretty face and curves.

The curvaceous Tik Tok celebrity became the centre of attention when she took to the dance floor at her friend’s birthday bash to display amateurish dance moves.

Despite her poor dance moves, Bintu still gained prominence at the party due to her heavily endowed features.

The video of Hajia Bintu flaunting her backside, curves and pretty face has garnered many comments online.