The late Jerry John Rawlings

An epic throwback video, which shows former President Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings cooking banku while in public, has popped up days after his death.

In the video, the former president appeared to be attending an event that was likely to be a food bazaar.

While going on rounds at the event and visiting one area to the other, the late Rawlings made a stop at a place where a lady was preparing what looked like banku.

In a bid to show his all-roundedness, Mr Rawlings took over the cooking and started stirring it expertly to the admiration of all those gathered.


While cooking, the people, who were gathered, were seen and heard cheering the former president on.

The cheers got even louder when the former Ghanaian leader asked for more space to be able to show off his cooking skills.

The said video has since started going viral with many social media accounts reposting it in remembrance of the gallant soldier and astute former president.