A family in Tema Newtown is still in shock following the mysterious deaths of three of their kins.

The three, a woman and two men are part of 16 people who died mysteriously following an alleged curse invoked on the people by money ritualist.

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This created fear and panic in the area and residents were left with no other choice than to heed to a direction of a fetish priest in the area who instructed them to take spiritual baths in the sea.

However, the family of the deceased who lost their third son on Wednesday, November 7, 2018, are confused because the deceased who died yesterday, duly participated in the spiritual dip.

Adom new reporter, Shine Acquah who visited the family home of the deceased said news of the boy’s death spread like wildfire in Tema Newtown, drawing a huge crowd to the house.

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A relative of the deceased who gave her name as Naa on FM Adom’s morning show said the deceased complained of chest and stomach pains but died when rushed to the Tema General Hospital.

The two other siblings, she said, also complained about similar pains in the stomach and chest prior to their demises.

This coincidence, Naa noted, is too serious to be attributed to just health scare, given what is happening in the community.

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Though the family is yet to receive any postmortem report, Naa said they were all living in fear as the spiritual fortification in the sea appears to have failed.