Former National Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Monarh, has expressed his disappointment in the young men who brandished guns on social media.

According to him, these are men from his hometown but he cannot defend them over the incident, owing to processes involved in securing a pistol.

Mr Mornah bemoaned the video had tainted the image of Dagaabas, who are known to be peaceful people.

“When I watched the video, I just said these are my town people. It is painful their names indicate that they are from my background because anyone who knows Dagaaba will testify that we are one of the most peaceful people around.

“Then all of a sudden, our own people are involved in this thing. You cannot defend it anywhere any how,” he lamented on Accra-based UTV.


The gun-wielding men, in a viral video on social media which sparked fear among Ghanaians, issued threats of attacks.

The men, who are currently in police custody, came out to dismiss reports that suggested they were robbers.

They claimed they manned galamsey sites with their weapons.

But Mr Mornah stressed it will be very difficult for the police to believe any story or defence they will put as the video came at a time of many robbery cases in the country.

“They will have a difficult case and their lawyers may not even be able to defend them because they wrongfully possessed the guns,” he added.

Police say the three, all siblings and identified as Rev Alfred Dakora, 43; Emmanuel Dakora, 26, and Richard Sulemana, 28, were picked up at Gausu at Obuasi.

A fourth person is being sought.

Police retrieved a pump action gun and five spent cartridges from those arrested.

The police are yet to identify the location where they were seen brandishing pump action gun and pistols.