Actor Adjetey Anang says some of his fans find it difficult to differentiate between his real life and the characters he plays in his featured movies.

According to the actor, though sometimes it puts one in the negative light, it goes a long way to prove that the character was well executed in the movie.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z show, Mr Anang, popularly known as Pusher, confirmed some big actors such as Christopher Lee couldn’t differentiate himself from the roles he played in his movies.

According to Pusher, there is always a price to pay when such occurs because one moves away from reality, hence it’s always apt for actors to remember who they are before zoning into the character they are asked to play by a movie producer.


People think you are the character that you play and I have taken a positive stance as far as it is concerned. You must be doing something right for someone not to be able to detach you from the character you play.

Generally, it doesn’t matter the character you play, for every director, we need to push the limits, characters like Christopher Lee pushed it but there are consequences… In Lee’s case, he became weird and detached because he was pushing himself to be the character. At a point he was living in a house with no lights…

For up-and-coming actresses/actors, Mr Anang gave out a word of advice, thus: You should always remember that you are still delivering and have it in mind that you are performing a role because it can be very harmful when you become the character you play in real life.

Watch the video below: