Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams
Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has urged Christians not to continue to wallow in ignorance and repeat past errors as far as their practice of Christianity is concerned, just because God has been merciful and gracious to them over the years.

Using himself as an example to teach his congregation at Action Chapel International on Sunday, 13 March 2022, Archbishop Duncan-Williams said there were sermons he preached in the past that he will never repeat because he has become more enlightened, wiser and better over the years.

“The fact that God blessed us, favoured us in the days of ignorance doesn’t mean we should continue in error,” he admonished, saying: “We shouldn’t”.

“So, don’t say that, ‘Well, we’ve prospered all this time in doing the same thing, why is Papa talking about it?’ I’m just trying to help you to understand”, he said, in reference to his earlier teaching against the chanting of monotonous monosyllabic sounds as Tongues.


He said Act 17:30 says: “In the days of ignorance, God overlooks but light has come’, reproving: Let us not continue in ignorance”.

“And, I’m not saying God has not blessed you; he’s prospered you, he’s blessed you; that is good but it doesn’t mean we should continue in ignorance,” he stressed.

“Let’s get enlightened, let’s get illuminated, let’s do better”, he urged, clarifying: “I’m not criticising you. We, all have done things in the days of ignorance and we believed it.”

“There was a time when we touched somebody, if you don’t fall, we believed that you are possessed. Can you believe that?” he told the congregation.

As a result of that, he said “people even will fall by force because if they don’t fall, they’ll be a suspect. So, just before you [reach out to touch them], they fall and people were falling all over the place and yet they weren’t getting delivered and healed. It was a falling anointing. The more you fall means you have been delivered, so, people were falling but you don’t have to fall to be delivered”.

“‘He [God] sent forth His Word and delivered them from their destruction and healed them’, so, you don’t have to fall,” he reiterated.