President of the Ghana Badminton Federation, Evans Yeboah, has explained that the reason they transported players in the bucket of a pick up truck to competition in Borteyman was because their regular bus shuttle broke down.

On Sunday, team Ghana’s badminton player, Evans Yeboah, revealed that he and his teammates had to be transported on the back of their coach’s pick up truck from Tema to the competition venue in Borteyman in order to ensure they arrived on time for their match.

This is despite the Local Organizing Committee securing over 336 vehicles to serve transportation needs during the games, including transporting athletes to and from games.

But Yeboah says the incident was an emergency stop gap measure the coach was forced to resort to because their regular bus broke down on the way to convey the athletes.

“On that morning, the bus that they were using had broken down on the express way. So the coach in his own wisdom decided to bus them, as an interim measure, to bus them. By the end of the day, their regular bus schedule resumed and there was no problem,” he said.

“We have also gotten the players a top psychologist to work with them and I can say that emotionally they are okay now,” he said.

All of Ghana’s badminton players went on to exit the competition early on with no medals won.