MP for Ningo Prampram, Sam George
MP for Ningo Prampram, Sam George

Member of Parliament (MP) for Ningo-Prampram, Samuel Nartey George, has described some Ghanaians as hypocrites.

According to him, opinion groups, media personalities, religious leaders who voiced out and criticised Mahama’s government as an incompetent leader, have been ineffective and quiet in the Akufo-Addo – Bawumia government on the economic challenges currently faced in the country.

“The hypocrisy of this country, it makes me sick to my stomach. At times it makes me ask myself questions if it is fit and worth being a Ghanaian. We are hypocrites,” he told the media.

“If it was Mahama who was president who took over from a government where a gallon of fuel was 14.50p and in less than six years a gallon of fuel now is 47 cedis almost 50 cedis, will the media have been quiet; will the clergy have been quiet?” he quizzed.

“The pastors who had become economist and criticising Mahama every Sunday in their sermon, Imams who were lambasting John Mahama in their Mosque, the civil society, the academia where are they, the media personalities where are they? he added.

He argued that media houses were chief instigators and agitators who gave platforms to the then opposition under Mahama’s administration.

He disclosed that some media persons as well as socialites and celebrities were proactive by leading demonstrations under the administration of the former president, over economic crisis faced during his tenure. However, they are nowhere to be found.

“It is the reality. We are hypocrites. Imagine that John Mahama was president and that in December just less three months ago, the dollar was six to the cedis and less that six months the dollar is 8.5 to the cedis.

“It is this hypocrisy that makes me sick to my stomach very sick to my stomach. Those who could do songs and attack Mahama and calling him all kinds of names, those who were praying in public and castigating, is Mahama not human?” he fumed.