Kojo Antwi

Now referred to as Mr Music Man for his impactful contribution to the Reggae and Highlife genre in Ghana, legendary Julius Kojo Antwi had once imagined his life outside the circles of music.

The maestro, during his childhood period, had fantasized about being in a centre ring with thousands cheering him up as he loads blows to his opponents.

Boxing has been an area of interest to him as he grew up watching the Muhammad Ali and other world favourites.

It was the Rumble in the Jungle fight in Zaire (now Congo) between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman that solidified Kojo Antwi’s decision to become a boxer.

“Well at a certain point when Muhammad Ali fought Foreman and all the Zaireans were shouting Ali boma ye, I knew I wanted to be a boxer.”

However, that dream was never to be as Kojo Antwi said at that time his weight did not fit into any of the boxing categories.

“…they will need to create a special weight to accommodate mine. The heavyweight, the bantamweight and the rest; because I don’t have a physique for boxing.”

With the boxing dream dashed, Kojo Antwi directed his focus to the Navy, he said in an interview on Asaase FM, monitored by Adomonline.com.

“You know every parent would want their child to have a white collar job…so mine was a bit to the extreme… I remember at a certain time when I saw the navy with their white immaculately clean dresses I was like wow this is what I wanna be. I was attracted just by their dress,” he said.

His passion for music, however, took over his desires for other careers. He injected all his time and effort into music and came up with his Tom and Jerry track which became one of his most popular songs West Africa.

Currently, he has over 20 albums and many awards to his name.

It is no longer surprising he chose 26th December (Boxing Day) as the official date for his yearly concert.