A 21-year-old lady has opened up on her life as a lesbian and how a glass of drink has changed her life to date.

According to her, it all started after she followed her female teacher from school to an unknown location at the age of 15.

She explained they bumped into an all-female room where the occupants were spotted in only brassieres and panties and happily enjoying themselves.

“I was offered a seat when we arrived at the place which appeared strange to me but I was not bothered because I was not there for that but a lady in her 30’s then approached me and started a conversation and in the spur of the moment, all the ladies left the room,” she narrated.

Recounting the life which has now become an addiction on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem, Tuesday, she said the woman suddenly became touchy and attempts to stop her proved futile.

“I was uncomfortable and asked her to stop but she kept saying everything will be okay and the next thing I knew was that my madam brought me a drink in a glass and after taking it, I felt dizzy and weak.


“I insisted we go home but my madam told me she was taking care of some things and will be done shortly so I decided to take a nap on the chair and that was all I could remember,” she added.

She said she woke up feeling funny and was in pain but could not get answers as to what had happened to her and since that day, it continued and it’s been six years already.

“I will call for us to meet or she will. She started to shower me with gifts and has opened a boutique for me now which I told my parents was a gift from my boyfriend. Though I sometimes feel bad and wish I could stop, there is also this unquenchable desire to always meet her,” she said.