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Dangerous land guard butcher residents

The Odumase Krobo District Court in the Eastern Region has jailed a man who stormed Kodjonya Millennium Presbyterian Junior High School with a machete to three years imprisonment.

The suspect, Kwaku Robert, was convicted on his own plea of guilty.

Meanwhile, the school, which was temporarily shut down, has been reopened.

The school was temporarily closed down after the cutlass-wielding convict stormed the school in an attempt to hack a teacher.

The teachers in the school boycotted teaching since the incident occurred on Wednesday, August 11, 2021, in solidarity with the teacher whose life was threatened.

Kasapa News reported that the teacher undertaking his National Service rebuked a form one Junior High School pupil in his class over misconduct.

The pupil, who had signed a bond of good behaviour with three others for previous misconduct, informed his brother, Robert Kwaku, the convict that the teacher scolded him.

The convict then stormed the class while the teacher was teaching without permission. He went straight to sit beside his junior brother and gazed at the teacher.

The teacher asked him to go out but he refused, forcing the teacher to walk out of the classroom. The convict also stormed out of the classroom and went to pull a machete from his house.

Fortunately, the teacher had stepped out of the school when he returned with the machete dangerously searching to attack him.


The teachers abruptly closed down the school indefinitely and left for their homes.

The Parent-Teacher Association, School Management Committee, and the chiefs and elders in the community together with police mounted pressure on the parents of the suspect to produce him to the police which they agreed.