Filed photo: A corpse

A UK-based Ghanaian woman identified as Dora Mills has been found dead in her room. in London.

Though the cause of death or date is not immediately known, a video which has crime scene police investigators in her home has popped up online.

The video has the deceased lay on the floor of the room as the police covered her with a blanket.

Eyewitnesses appeared helpless as they could not offer the police any essential information they sought.

Some of the eyewitnesses in the video told the police they would have to wait for an aunt of the deceased who spoke to her the night before.

Madam Mills’ aunt who appeared just in time could not help but break down in tears as she asked of the deceased’s whereabouts in the Ga dialect.


Hitting the dead body countless times, she bemoaned why her niece could not tell her something was wrong when they spoke.

Some women present who could not stand her helpless state carried her out of the room to enable the police continue with their investigations.

Watch the video attached above: