Lyrical Joe, Strongman and Amerado | credit: @_lyricaljoe, @strongmanburner & @amerado_burner
Lyrical Joe, Strongman and Amerado | credit: @_lyricaljoe, @strongmanburner & @amerado_burner

Rapper Strongman has issued a caution as rappers Lyrical Joe and Amerado inundate the social media space with their back-to-back rap battle.

According to Strongman, he has been receiving ‘stray shots’ from one of the rappers, hence he is politely asking him to be bold and mention his name, so they can continue from there.

He wrote: I don’t do beef like a woman If u want to diss just go straight to the point And wait for your response, Never mistake stupidity for confidence [sic].

Meanwhile, some fans have suggested that Strongman is calling out Amerado because in one of his old videos, Strongman said he knows Amerado has been jabbing him in most of his rap songs.

During the interview which took place some few days after Strongman and Medikal smoked the peace pipe, Strongman added that, he is not afraid to face any rapper in Ghana.

Personally, I don’t have issues with anyone. When there is a beef, I address the beef. But I need to get angry or emotional to give it back to you… I think Amerado has been throwing shots for a while now thats why people are asking me questions.

Lyrical Joe and Amerado have been at each other’s throats in the past few days.

They have been dissing and proving their lyrical dexterity, all aiming to cement their rap prowess.

It is unclear if Amerado will finally take up the challenge to face off with Strongman Burner, as Lyrical Joe is poised to dethrone him in the rap battle series.