International musician and sex therapist, Stephanie Benson, has confessed to being the ‘black sheep’ among her four siblings, who happen to be all female.

Stephanie, who calls herself a “fighter and a big mouth” said her siblings will definitely call her when in need of someone to defend them.

According to the singer, she inherited this trait from her late mother, Nana Boahemaah II.

Ghana’s queen of jazz, on July 25, published a photo of herself and one of her sisters, Akosua Agyepong.

She disclosed that all her siblings have exceptional singing and dancing talents, but she and Akosua went public and made a name for themselves in the music industry.

“My father, Samuel Benson ADJEPONG, had four girls with Nana Boahemaah II, my mother. You may think Akos and I are the only creative ones in the family, but you would be wrong. We can all sing and dance exceptionally. The only difference is, not all of us care to be on stage.

“Akos and I take after the exhibitionist side of my mother. But we all always allow each other to shine in whatever choices we make,” parts of the post read.

Stephanie Benson, who is a mother of five adorable children, added: “There is only one side of my mother only I inherited. The fighter and the big mouth. I have always been the protector of their hearts, whatever it takes. My sisters know I’m not afraid to slice some balls if needed. The only emergency no they need on their phone is mine.”