File photo: Wedding

UK-based Vlogger, Naana St Louis aka Maame Ngege, has stated that she promised herself she would not date or marry a Ghanaian in the UK.

In a chat on SVTV Africa, Maame Ngege mentioned that she wanted a peaceful and stress-free relationship, hence her decision to marry a White man.

She added that past relationship experience with Ghanaian men motivated her decision.

“When you are fed up with rice and choose another meal, you have a reason for changing it. I’m not interested. I told myself that I would not marry a Ghanaian when I travel abroad, but it would be a foreigner.

“Will you advise me to choose a married man over a bachelor, especially when the single man is the kind of man I want?” she quizzed.

Naana revealed that she dated a married man in Ghana, but she wanted to have her own. However, she did not mention if she was aware of his marriage.

She disclosed the type of man she prefers and what she looks out for in a man.

“Someone responsible and mature. Before going into a relationship, especially after a failed one, you correct your mistakes. I make sure I study and understand him. So I can settle with him,” she told DJ Nyaami.

Maame Ngege added that she preferred older men to the young ones. According to her, she wanted a man older than her and eventually met her British husband.