The Department of Social Welfare, in collaboration with the Legon Police, have apprehended six individuals accused of soliciting funds under false pretenses for purportedly ‘sick’ individuals.

This illicit activity has been prevalent in both Accra and Kumasi, with solicitors commonly stationed at Nyamekye Traffic Light, Baa Yard, Kwashieman, Madina Reece Junction, Pantang Junction, and McCarthy Junction.

The joint operation commenced at Madina Reece Junction, resulting in the arrest of three individuals at the Madina Traffic Light.

Subsequently, Police Inspector Klutse and Sergeant Asante received intelligence about another group at Pantang Junction.

Upon arrival, the suspects had fled, leaving behind their instruments and a defective car serving as a storage facility for these tools.

Within five minutes, Inspector Klutse and Sergeant Asante arranged for a towing car to transport the faulty vehicle to the Legon Police Station premises.

The three detainees were then taken to the Legon Police station.

Senior Development Officer, Korankye Oduro cautioned these alleged fundraisers, adding that, it is illegal to beg on the streets for sick children and directed them to the Social Welfare Department.

During questioning at the Legon Police Station, one of the detainees, a woman whose name is withheld, volunteered to lead the team to the head of the syndicate.

The team proceeded to Nyamekye at Lapaz Kofcee Hotel, but upon arrival, the suspect had already escaped.

Alerted by local traders, the police arrested three additional individuals engaged in similar activities.

Concerned Ghanaians expressed dismay, asserting that these fraudsters exploited people’s sympathy and compassion for the sick.

District Commander, Superintendent Cecilia Appiah Ampofo disclosed that, the suspects would be taken to the Ministries Police Station for prosecution.

In an interview with Adom TV’s Akua Akyaa Oyiakwan, Deputy Director of Programmes and Development at the Department of Social Welfare, Agnes Abolimpo said the would be remanded and arranged before court.

Meanwhile, all six suspects according to the Department of Social Welfare are in custody at the Ministries Police Station.